What's New in 25Live®

SaaS Only Features

Some interface elements are only available for SaaS (Software as a Service) installations of 25Live (shown with the "(SaaS Only)" label). If you are using a DBCS (Database at Customer Site) installation of 25Live and would like to upgrade to SaaS, please contact your Account Manager.

Release 28

(November 14, 2017)
  • Performance:
    • Continued migration of front-end interfaces to refactored code for faster rendering (SaaS Only)
    • Improved image handling with more efficient database retrieval and better resizing (SaaS Only)
    • Background efficiency improvements to data retrieval to help performance
  • 25Live Mobile:
    • Accessibility improvements to date pickers in 25Live Mobile
    • Clarification of button text in Mobile based on user permissions for allowing location requests rather than reservations
    • Fine-tuning to the implementation of Express Scheduling (SaaS Only)
    • Better display of custom messages in 25Live Mobile event creation
  • Various other fixes and improvements:
    • Background database software update for Series25 WebServices API
    • Corrected issue with assigned scheduler on events with multiple locations
  • DBCS Improvements: Fixes and improvements from updates 27.1 and 27.2 that are not marked as SaaS Only are included in Release 28 for DBCS (Database at Customer Site) customers. See the release notes for those updates in the 25Live Release Notes Archive

Important Note about Release 28

25Live Release 28 will be the last release that includes new functionality for DBCS (Database at Customer Site) installations. Locally installed versions of 25Live will continue to work until December 31, 2018, but they will not receive the new features that you will receive when you upgrade to a SaaS (Software as a Service) installation. Please contact your Account Manager (series25implementation@collegenet.com) to learn more about the benefits of SaaS, sign a new license, and begin your migration to SaaS.

Looking for Past Release Notes?

Read legacy release and update information by logging into Series25 Customer Resources and reading the 25Live Release Notes Archive.