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SaaS Only Features

Some interface elements are only available for SaaS (Software as a Service) installations of 25Live (shown with the "(SaaS Only)" label). If you are using a DBCS (Database at Customer Site) installation of 25Live and would like to upgrade to SaaS, please contact your Account Manager.

Update 27.2

(August 29, 2017)
  • New Feature - Mobile Express Scheduling: The new Express Scheduling feature in 25Live Mobile gives you an easier, more direct way to schedule simple events in common spaces at your institution that are immediately available for scheduling without need of approval.
  • Reports: Added a new report that checks for potential duplicate contacts on the basis of names or email addresses.
  • Event Details: The occurrence pane has been upgraded for faster performance as well as other improvements, including:
    • A new control allows you to display multiple profiles separately and to delete a profile on multi-profile events (typically imported sections).
    • The updated layout makes it easier to view occurrence details, both for simple and more complex events.
    • Data associated with pending location or resource assignments (setup instructions, layout, quantity, etc.) are now displayed.
    • You can now add, edit, or remove event preferences.
  • Event Wizard: The warning messages shown when assigning locations to bound events are now more clear and detailed.
  • Other 25Live Mobile Improvements:
    • Improved the information and options that are shown when your chosen location is unavailable for the event you are scheduling.
    • Fixed issue with mobile event search results displays.
    • The Resource quantity being assigned or approved is now shown in the Tasks view.

Update 27.1

(March 7, 2017)
  • Event Wizard: The display of Setup, Pre-Event, and/or Takedown, Post-Event times can now be restricted by security group.
  • Various Fixes and Improvements: Including:
    • Improved how the tabbed interface is displayed when running a report multiple times.
    • Corrected an error that prevented a user clicking the "send vCal counter/reply" option more than once.
    • Removed erroneous restrictions on some users' access to 25Live Mobile Event Wizard.
    • Improved saving and editing of location setup instructions.
    • Continued behind the scenes improvements to 25Live interface for more efficient display and load times.

Release 27

(December 6, 2016)
  • Event Wizard: Files (up to 25mb) can now be uploaded and attached directly within the Event Wizard. (SaaS Only)
  • Event Wizard: We've implemented several other usability improvements and fixes in the Event Wizard, including:
    • The Next button no longer displays on last screen.
    • Default event states are now limited to Draft, Tentative, and Confirmed when creating new events.
    • When saving an event as Cancelled or Denied, location/resource assignments are no longer checked.
    • Cleaned up display of end time/date for typical events unless display is necessary for events that span midnight.
    • For ease of use, the Wizard now pre-populates the "Repeats on" day for events with a weekly recurrence pattern.
    • Improved clarity of language and display for repeating events.
    • The Wizard now prevents users from editing details of excluded occurrences.
  • Event Details: Continued improvements to event details, including:
    • There is now better management of related events with new, improved displays and function. (SaaS Only)
    • Copying and editing related events have new, improved displays and function. (SaaS Only)
    • The tasks view has been returned to default to "Only Tasks Assigned to You" (except for imported academic sections).
    • Users can now edit some event details inline. (SaaS Only)
  • Workflow: Added new automatic email option for Tasks digest. (SaaS Only)
  • Reports: Changes and additions were made to existing standard reports:
    • Revised "R25 User List By Security Group" and "R25 User List By User Name" reports to remove "R25" references.
    • The "User List By Security Group" and "User List By User Name" reports now indicate which usernames are inactive.
    • Added "Display Images" parameter to the Location Definitions report. When the parameter is not used, the processing time and file size when generating large reports can be reduced.
  • Home Availability: Current utilization values can now display for locations/times in grid. (SaaS Only)
  • Publisher: The Publisher tab has been re-built with accelerated code. (SaaS Only)
  • Mobile: The recently redesigned 25Live Mobile web application now has several new features, improvements, and fixes, including:
    • Organizations are now available with search and detail views.
    • Added event list tabs in Locations and Resources details.
    • Implemented refinements to search views, tasks views, Event Wizard display.
    • There is a new option to set time zone preference in 25Live Mobile.
    • Corrected bug where some custom instructions were not displaying.
    • Automated email option is now available for events created in 25Live Mobile.
    • Added ability to copy an existing event in 25Live Mobile.
    • Improved visibility of location relationships in schedules.
  • General: Implemented behind the scenes improvements for accelerated services and more efficient data retrieval for faster performance. (SaaS Only)

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